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Accelerated Free Fall / Introduction Course


The decision has been made - you want to become a real skydiver. An efficient jumping training from a to z is meant to enable you to skydive on your own as soon as possible.
This exactly is guaranteed by the worldwide most acknowledged training method for parachutists, called AFF: Assisted Free Fall.


Thus, from your first jump onwards you can already feel so safe that practicing this wonderful sport will be a real pleasure for you.
In the course of this one-week intense training from morning to evening (mostly till night whilst endless expert discussions are going on.....) parachuting is the only thing that makes your world go around.


But since theoretical knowledge can hardly be put into practice immediately - let alone on your own and in free fall - two experienced trainers will, during the first three training levels, always be at your side when jumping, and they will do nothing but practising every movement with you again and again.


Of course, everything done during pratical training will afterwards be thoughtfully analysed on the ground. In doing so you will get some routine pretty soon.
From the fourth level onwards you will be accompanied by a trainer during free fall. At this stage you will learn figures like spins and somersaults and much more.


After having executed all 7 training jumps you will be allowed to conquer the sky on your own.
Of course, you will still be accompanied by your trainers, who also help you in getting prepared for your exam, which you are allowed to do after your 25th jump. Moreover, you will have found some new friends among the big skydiver family.


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