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Downloading of programs from our downloading archive, and other pages which can be found on the server of EXIT GmbH shall be at your own risk. Any liabilty for infringement or damage shall be excluded. A claim for
damages, as well as for any subsequent damage shall be excluded.


EXIT GmbH shall be under no liability regarding correctness of publications and links to external pages.
Furthermore, EXIT GmbH shall not assume any liability and shall not be responsible for the content of pages to which there is a link. If you click on an external link, on a download link, or any other link this is done at your sole responsibility. The installation of links on this hompage is allowed.


Unauthorised use, reproduction or passing-on of individual contents, pictures or complete pages shall be forbidden. All texts, pictures and graphics on this homepage are subject to worlwide copyright regulations.


We would like to emphasise that data needed for the handling of our business is processed and stored electronically. Personal data will, of course, be kept strictly confidential.


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