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Our Dropzone in Eggenfelden


Eggenfelden's commercial airfield is located only 100 kilomters ( appx 60 miles) east of Munich. At the beginning of 2002 it was also opened for skydivers.

More information for pilots: Airfield Eggenfelden.


The large heated hangar is not only the space for our airplanes, but will preferably be used as packarea. Next there is the Manifest here.


A lot of the activities take place outside under the big packaging tent, which is located next to the landing field. There are plenty of seating chairs and also spectators are welcome here. You will feel comfortable.


For cold days, there are an additional 100 squaremeters large and padded packarea.

Next there is the theoretical instruction.


Apart from a recreation room there are plenty of couches to relax. In case we once in a while do not barbecue in the evening there is an Italian restaurant to wine and dine located next to the dropzone. We cordially welcome everyone joining us for dinner.


Of course, you can use our camping ground (with showers) or make a room reservation in the vicinity. Here you will find a hotel in the near from the dropzone: link to Hotel Bachmeier.


You will find more pictures from the dropzone on our Gallery

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