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Live the free fall...

Sometimes an ordinary day can change your life. If you are one of the lucky guys or girls then this is exactly the day when you are experiencing the free fall for the first time - with all your senses.


A little bit of a heart beat before the jump-off is always part of it - and: "go!"

If one had time to ask a question while skydiving some 3,500 meters it could only be this one:
When was the last time I had so much reason to celebrate? In this mood you could fly on and on.....


Don't be sad if the free fall is already over after a minute. There are still about 1,200 meters
between you and the ground. You can use the time left for trying to steer the tandem parachute yourself before your tandem master gently takes you back to the ground.


But in this moment it is just the opposite of what you actually want: losing the the ground under your feet again as soon as possible.



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